Bauer Supreme S150 - Junior

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The Bauer Supreme S150 Comp Goal Stick has good durability and a light weight construction at a great price, making this entry level stick ideal for new goalies looking to maximize their performance.

Bauer's Supreme S150 goal stick uses a reinforced poly core with a fiberglass wrap to provide solid durability and performance. The fiberglass in the paddle is wrapped around the composite material to help dampen shot impact and increase the life of the stick. The paddle is slightly curved to create a squared off surface and give more predictable rebound control. The design also allows a better seal when the blocker hand is held against the chest protector and pants while in the butterfly.

Low density foam is used in the blade of the Supreme S150 for optimized balance and feel. The blade stiffness has been increased to help with rebound control and passing.

The composite shaft gives an extremely light weight feel and is designed with a double concave geometry wall for more feel and control. Bauer is using a smooth finish on the shaft, so goaltenders looking for more grip can utilize tape.