Brian's Sub Zero Pro III
Brian's Sub Zero Pro III

Brian's Sub Zero Pro III

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  • 90 Degree Boot - First ever 90 degree boot by Brian's provides ultimate seal, stability, and coverage allowing a wide stance without interference or slip out.
  • Thinned Out Profile - Thinner engineered foam core pushes the limits by reducing weight while enhancing flex and overall shape.
  • In-Set Knee Cradle - New knee block design is in-set deeper into the pad to increase performance and seal the pad. Knee Cradle is wrapped in Primo Material and allows for a tight or wide fit depending on strap placement.
  • Stabilized Calf Wing - New calf wing design provides unprecedented stability while in the butterfly allowing complete control while on the ice.
  • Extended Calf Wrap - New calf wrap design increases overall ankle stability and works with the calf wing to provide a flush feel throughout the pad.
  • Seamless Inner Gusset - Allows pad to have maximum slide ability by preventing ice/snow buildup.
  • No-Break Outer Roll - New designed outer roll gives maximum durability and coverage while enhancing the shape and curvature of the pad.
  • Knee Guard System - Detachable velcro integrated knee guard system allows for an additional connection point to the leg providing full protection and maximum mobility.
  • Full Hexair Shin Cradle - Hexair calf fully wrapped in SBA material allows wrap to mold completely around the leg providing optimum rotation while enhancing air flow and overall comfort/feel.
  • Smart Strap Calf Strap - Smart Strap allows for most customized fit and feel, elastic strapping works with the leg and reduces overall weight.
  • Smart Boot/Toe Strap - Smart Toe allows for a more "live" feel compared to "dead" lace to give a more reactive feel in the boot. Smart boot allows for fully customized feel while enhancing durability.
  • Knee Double Elastic Strap - Double elastic strap increases durability of the strap and reduces elasticity while your leg is bent.
  • Defender Vents - Descreases weight of the overall pad by using high performance nylon in certain areas.
  • Laceless Face Construction - Completely flat surface, with no dimples and a tighter face, provides consistently lively rebounds and enhances the look of the custom graphics.
  • Hyperflex Boot - Special engineering of the boot allows for an extremely durable yet reactive feel from a solidly engineered foam core.
  • Primo Synthetic Material - Twice as strong as traditional Jenpro this superior material is utilized in all high-wear areas to increase durability and limit friction.