CCM E-Flex II 760 - Junior

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  • Over 2,600 hours of engineering and testing , combined with CCM’s decades of legendary performance and Lefevre’s cutting-edge design techniques have led to the CCM Extreme Flex II line powered by Lefevre.
  • The new Extreme Flex II 760 goal pads are designed specifically to close the five-hole quicker. The redesigned knee lock and outer wing allow for the pad to rotate quicker on the leg, effectively minimizing the time it takes for the goalie to get from their stance to butterfly. Additionally, the new single knee leather strapping setup allows for full pad rotation, especially accommodating larger knee pads. Continuing from the Extreme Flex line, the diagonal Velcro knee lock option provides goalies with the ability to fully customize the fit of the pad.
  • The core of the Extreme Flex II 760 utilizes a re-engineered boot core design with torsional flex, allowing the goalie to get deeper in their stance with maximum power pushes to explode across the crease. Combining this boot with Lefevre’s tight fit leg channel, the pad will achieve maximum control throughout the boot and calf. Featuring multiple ergonomical breaks, this leg channel continues all the way down to cover the skate and provide exceptional control to the pad for quicker response time.
  • Overall, the Extreme Flex II 760 will utilize a soft low density foam face, designed to minimize puck velocity on rebounds for easy recovery and whistles.
  • Utilizing soft foams and a flexible profile, the Extreme Flex II 760 goal pad is optimized for intermediate level goalies looking for a pad that compliments a hybrid playing style.