CCM Premier Plus - Junior

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CCM has completely redesigned its composite goalie line with the CCM Premier Plus goalie stick. The new Premier Plus was developed using the best technology out of player sticks while keeping the needs of goalies in focus. Everything from the shoulder shapes to the structure and composition of the stick has been optimized to help provide a better feeling composite goalie stick.

With the combination of the Exofibe Weave and the brand new ZeroFlux Technology, vibrations are diminished which provides great feel for the puck at all times. A new StikTak Grip has been designed specifically for goalies and has been strategically placed to provide comfort and great control. The CCM Premier Plus goal stick features the same stiff blade structure as the CCM Tacks sticks allowing goalies to deflect pucks exactly where they want to.

The extremely light composite structure of the stick is based upon player sticks to provide great feel and durability specifically for goalies.