CCM Premier Pro

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  • The CCM Premier Pro trapper has the same comfortable feel and closure that longtime Premier wearers are attracted to, with some improvements made to enhance performance.
  • The Premier Pro comes stock with the traditional 590 (60 degree) break angle that closes very easily off the shelf, and creates a seamless closure.
  • This time around, CCM wanted to improve palm protection and prevent stingers by reinforcing the palm with shock absorbing D30 Technology.
  • Keeping within the legal sizing, the Premier’s perimeter proportions have been slightly altered to increase catching area; a greater emphasis of an active catching hand has made for a lesser need of a big wrist cuff.
  • And Of course, goalies will be familiar with the Premier’s injection molded cuff and radiused thumb that are designed to emphasize surface area in the catching area.
  • Also, the floating wrist cuff increases the goalie’s range of motion. Partnering this with the large single-T pocket makes for optimal coverage in the net.
  • Custom orders available