CCM Ribcor 44K Junior

CCM Ribcor 44K Junior

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  • The CCM RIBCOR 44K is a key feature, price-point version of its pro level counterpart, making it ideal for the growing elite goalie.
  • The 44K features the redesigned Pump which has been redesigned to be more efficient and structurally sound, allowing the goalie to support their ankle with less pumps.
  • The Ribcor Flex quarter package enhances the goalie’s ability to flex forward and increase the energy transferred while making pushes.
  • Inside, a dual zone liner gives the goalie the moisture wicking properties of Clarino and the grip of Duratex.
  • The ProLite GS cowling is designed to reduce the necessary attack for making pushes.
  • The cowling is also reinforced with fiberglass to protect its structure.
  • The cowling is partnered with Prolite G stainless steel to provide superior edge life and long term performance.
  • Furthermore, the Ribcor 44K goal skates include the skate lock that divides the laces into sections, making it easier to tighten them to the goalie’s preference.