Vaughn Velocity VE8 Carbon Pro Custom

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Carbon Pro Custom

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  • CUSTOM SPEC - Added carbon to shoulder floaters
  • CUSTOM SPEC - Beefed up forearm protection
  • CUSTOM SPEC - Beefed up bicep protection
  • CUSTOM SPEC - Shoulder cap replaced with 5500 cap for significantly increased protection
  • Custom colour
  • Wide shoulder floaters with new graphic
  • New colors with two color options
  • Kevlar® ballistic style chest pad internal padding
  • HD chest pad blocks with carbon fiber inserts
  • HD molded elbow pads with 4 point adjustment
  • Adjustable side rib cage HD padding
  • Chest pad side extensions with covered buckles
  • Extremely light weight
  • Extra bicep padding
  • Larger sternum protector with extended length
  • Tapered forearm padding to fit into glove
  • Adjustable wrist straps for security and fit
  • HD molded shoulder caps with lower cap extension to cover rib cage area
  • Large back pad with HD spine pad
  • Large arm floaters with HD foam inserts pre shaped for easy break-in
  • Aero-spacer mesh sleeves for fast breakin and maximum comfort